Waterloo Party Buses

Death Valley's Little Brother

84 King Street N, Waterlook, ON
We really enjoy spending time at Death Valley. Whether we go in the mood for coffee, a cold beer, or something with a little harder, Death Valley's Little Brother has it. They have delicious baked goods as well! There's live music on some nights and we've enjoyed everything we've heard so far. We highly recommend this place!


170 University Avenue W, Waterloo, ON
Kickoff is our favorite Waterloo sports bar. They've a great selection of drinks and TVs so you can catch the game. We've watched more than a few games here over the years and it's always been a great experience.

Morty's Pub

272 King Street N, Waterloo, ON
Morty's is a Waterloo staple and has been for over 30 years! This place is one of the area's hot spots for those who want to kick back and relax with a cold beer. Stop in for a pint any night of the week!

Jane Bond Cafe

5 Princess Street W, Waterloo, ON
We absolutely love Jane Bond! Fantastic food and creative season cocktails, plus plenty of beer, make this the best spot in Waterloo in our opinion! There's a retro feel here and an out of this world vegetarian menu. Even if you're not a strict vegetarian, you'll love this food. There's something about fresh, delicious food and a cold, refreshing beer or cocktails that just can't be beat.


75 King Street S, Waterloo, ON
Beertown is our favorite beer place. They have a full menu with great options, including sweet potato fries, but what we really love is the beer. There's a fantastic selection! They have the most refreshing daiquiris in the area as well!

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