Toronto Party Buses Pricing

If word-of-mouth led you to our website then, you probably already know that we have quite the reputation for providing low rates. We truly do our best when it comes to the overall costs of our rentals and we use all kinds of different factors to save you money when you call us with your specifics, regarding your trip. We've given some tips below to help you to find ways to save on your rental so that budgeting doesn't have an adverse affect on your special day. We've also listed ways in which we help you to reach a lower price quote.

Ways Toronto Party Buses saves you money:

  • We keep our party buses in very good condition so that we don't have added repair costs
  • We keep mechanics on staff so that any mechanical problems don't become more costly
  • We offer special rate packages for events like weddings and other occasions
  • There are no 'hidden fees' with us, most everything is included in your quote
  • We do not charge 'overtime' fees
  • You never pay for time you don't use
  • Amenities give free entertainment aboard our party buses
  • We calculate different price quotes daily so that you take advantage of fluctuations
  • Save money on drinks at the bar by bringing drinks on board

Ways you can save money when booking:

  • If possible, choose a weekday for your rental
  • Ask us about off-peak times of the year
  • Book a wedding and bachelor/bachelorette party for free bonus time
  • Ask about pick-up/drop off service
  • Split the costs among your whole group for amazing savings

Toronto Party Buses would love to work out a quote for you today! Just call us at any time of day or night and someone is always there to answer the phone and give you the best rate available. Give us as much information as possible about your plans and we'll find every possible avenue that is available to save you money. You can also Email Us if that is a more feasible option for you.We look forward to hearing from you and hope to assist you!