Toronto Party Buses About Us

If you aren't familiar with our Party Bus company, we've provided some information here. We hope that there is a certain comfort level that you feel when reserving our vehicles and services, due to the amount of information that we provide on our site. We take our relationships very seriously and make it our aim to communicate with our clients fully, both prior to and during the time of your party bus rental. If you've got any further questions about who we are or what we do, you can always reach us any time via telephone or email.

Our background

Toronto Party Buses has been servicing the metropolitan area for many years and we're proud to state that many of our clients are repeat customers. That, to us, is a testament to the customer service that we provide. We are also always constantly taking on first-timers because there are so many people visiting our area. Because of this fact, we believe that it's very important to not only service but also represent our city to the fullest and we do so by way of providing a helpful and friendly attitude, being knowledgeable about all that Toronto has to offer and also being timely and professional. We are not a 'fly-by-night' company; we've always been in the party bus business and hope to always stay in this industry.

Our chauffeurs

We only hire the most experienced chauffeurs to assist you in making the most of your plans. Our chauffeurs know the area very well, have had experience in their pasts with exactly what you are hiring them for and have the proper disposition and energy levels to be an actual part of your party.

Our office staff

The great people in our office are not only courteous and patient but also very schooled in the party bus and limousine business. We make sure that you are talking to an expert at all times so you can get the best deal on your rental and have all your questions answered accurately!

Our contact info & business hours

Our contact information is listed on our contact page. We are here every day, at every time, to take your calls and emails. Inquire with us and expect an immediate response.